Conservation & Volunteering

Conservation Projects

Aroha Island is a living entity – a place where sustainable practices are used to preserve the natural state of this environment and the special ecological, cultural, scientific, historical, educational and social values of this taonga.  

Aroha Island Charitable Trust has initiated conservation projects to preserve this open space as an asset to be shared with present and future generations including predator trapping programmes, tree planting and solar energy projects. 

We are committed to minimising our impact, enhancing what is here and ‘going lightly’ in this fragile environment.  ALL our resources are precious, and we work hard to conserve these by…. 

• Collecting ALL our rainwater from our roofs and ensuring we use this carefully.
• Having an onsite effluent system and reusing the wastewater to irrigate the island.
• Generating a lot of our own energy from our solar and photovoltaic panels.
• Minimising our consumption and therefore our waste, particularly of products that are harmful to the natural environment.
• Respecting and looking after each other – our community, our members, our trustees, our staff, our volunteers, our guests and visitors.


Aroha Island Charitable Trust has for many years enjoyed the ongoing support of local community volunteers and trustees who have worked and continue to work tirelessly on overall governance and special projects such as tree planting, water tank and solar energy installations, accommodation refurbishment and working bees.

Young national and international travellers also contribute many volunteer hours to the running of Aroha Island helping with crucial tasks such as cleaning camp facilities and accommodations, gardening and orchard work, track maintenance and other day to day jobs needing doing.

Interested in coming to help out? Please check out our listings on: WwoofNZ & HelpX.

Interested in becoming a member to support the work of Aroha Island Charitable Trust? Please enquire here.