Seven hectares of mangroves and five hectares of basalt eruptions from the Rangitane volcano have formed this beautiful peninsula.  Aroha Island is a natural haven with a wide diversity of New Zealand flora and fauna.  If you love nature and have a desire to explore the unique plants and birds of New Zealand, you will enjoy our circular 30-minute bush walk.  

Our trail map can tell you points of interest along the way including natural and cultural history and the best places to see a wide range of birds on the island.  Tree identification plaques help you identify the native species that have been nurtured over the years.

A short diversion will take you to the island’s Mangrove Platform providing a look at these wonderful plants and the habitat they create.  The educational panels tell you a bit about this unique ecosystem, home for the elusive fern birds & banded rails.

Please note that Aroha Island is an active conservation site.  Bait stations and predator traps are located around the island.  Please do not touch them and ensure that your children stay well clear. It is important that all visitors stay on the well maintained paths and refrain from feeding or disturbing the wildlife.