Schools & Groups

At Aroha Island our education programme serves the schools of the Northland Region.  Our mission is simply, “Connecting with Nature”.  The island’s flora, fauna, marine life, history and natural beauty, make it an inspirational venue for school camps and groups. We have had  visits from a range of schools including kindergarten, primary and university groups, some for day trips and others for longer visits.


Our volunteer teachers have a lifetime of experience in their respective fields of interest.

We run an informative, hands on sessions on Kiwi, with Kiwi walks at night for children overnighting on Aroha.   A biosecurity session complements the Kiwi talk where the children are shown working predator traps, methods, and stuffed pests such as stoats, possums and rats. They are shown the network of traps on Aroha so that they understand the importance of managing predator numbers to protect our endangered species of native birds and plants. The children come to understand that biosecurity is an ongoing commitment as no sooner is one pest apparently eradicated than another appears in its place either from swimming to Aroha across parts of Kerikeri Inlet, or by accessing the Island via the causeway and mangroves at low tide.

We also run sessions on Bees (we have a number of hives here), local Geology and Physical Oceanography, and more recently, flax weaving.  We have also developed a children’s corner in the Eco-Centre for mostly the very young to “connect with nature”.  Our Eco Centre has a projector and screen which is available for use alongside our educational programme.

With space for inside activities at the Eco Centre and protection under the shade tent in the campground this provides options for school groups throughout the year.  Whether you are looking to visit Aroha Island for a few hours, a day visit or for a longer period our Education Team can tailor a programme for you.

Our Connecting with Nature programme offers an informative and fun time time at Aroha.  This has been designed by Dr Jeremy Gibb a member of the Aroha Island’s Trust   together with Helen Ough Dealy a skilled educationalist from DOC.

Some great resources are available to aid  teaching kids more about our national icon, follow this link.