Tree Planting Project

With a grant from Pub Charities we have been able to purchase 500+ trees.  The project is to enhance the number and variety of native trees and at the same time encourage more birds to Aroha Island.

The first big job was collecting all the trees from Plant Production.  Thanks to our trustees Anne and Dr Jeremy Gibb and also Sue and Wade Rowsell who spent a very wet Sunday bringing them to the Island.

Time has been spent planning the best place for each of the trees to give them the best chance to mature and thrive.

The first trees were planted by our volunteers on Monday 4th June, and we have a new kauri grove near to the largest existing Kauri Tree on the island. The planting was completed in the third week in June.  Thank you to all the volunteers who made this possible.

The kiwi are enjoying the tree planting too, as there is plenty of loose soil for them and we have lots of new probe holes in the area.

A full report is available for those who are interested and is under the Eco Centre section on the web site.